CS:GO News | Cloud9 vs. MOUZ, Cloud9 is expected to win again on despicable fight with MOUZ 2022

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CS:GO News

CS:GO News – Cloud9 vs. MOUZ Cloud9 is expected to win again. MOUZ and Cloud9 will square off at 23:00 on November 10. After a shaky start in the Challengers stage, Cloud9 started to shine, but would they be able to comfortably defeat MOUZ at CS:GO News?

CS:GO News

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Current CS:GO News HLTV ranking: #7; Changes in the previous three months: +3; Best map: Mirage (73% in 15 maps); Worst map: Nuke (40% in 5 maps).

MOUZ began their campaign at the IEM Rio Major 2022 with the Challengers stage, which they won with a score of 3-0. It’s simply that this squad was the most adaptable. MOUZ’s game seems to be deteriorating with each subsequent encounter.

CS:GO News

MOUZ’s Legends stage was incredibly unsteady at the CS:GO News. They could only overcome unpredictable opponents that seemed to be rather weak in the current competition, but they were impotent against the presently powerful Outsiders.

MOUZ has an intriguing lineup, but there aren’t many standout individual players, with just frozen standing out. Because tactical geniuses are also lacking, the squad should be content with triumphs against weak opponents.


Current HLTV ranking: #5; Changes in the previous three months at the CS:GO News: -2; Best map: Overpass – 88% in eight maps; Worst map: Inferno – 50% in eight maps

CS:GO News

Cloud9 struggled greatly throughout the Challengers stage at the CS:GO News. Due to latency in the second match against Grayhound, the team fell 0-2, but was able to conclude the three BO3 series with a 2-0 win and advance to the Legends stage. Cloud9 defeated FaZe in the first set, but the Russian (and Kazakh) squad rallied from 4-13 to 16-14 at the CS:GO News. Cloud9 had to play Natus Vincere in the second game, but the final score and winner remained the same.

And the ability to react after offensive setbacks is the primary basis for Cloud9’s future success. Despite the fact that the players have been playing together for more than two years, this is a fairly youthful squad. Apart from HObbit, there are only mentally powerful young individuals here. How many campaigns did Cloud9 create on CS:GO News? Against Imperial with a score of 6-15 or 11-15, FaZe, GamerLegion… And here’s sh1ro, who provides fantastic performances in every first game while accumulating incredible numbers.

Furthermore, Cloud9 won the Legends stage in three games, giving them more time to recuperate and prepare for their next opponents. We strongly hope that Cloud9 can demonstrate a high level of play and go one step closer to the championship, as the squad completely deserves it. Or, to be more precise, there are few credible challengers for the title.

Expert Betting Advice

After handily defeating Heroic at the CS:GO News, it’s evident that Cloud9 has bright potential and nearly no serious rivals. MOUZ can fight, but they aren’t in a position to do it right now. Cloud9 is anticipated to play confidently, thus we can bet on their Rounds Handicap (-5.5) with odds of 1.69. It’s also worth mentioning that Cloud9 has a considerably larger map pool, so pick them 2-0 victory for odds of 2.10 at OKBET and 1.95.