CS:GO odds BIG vs. HEET | The French think will put up stiff fight to a well-organized foe 2022

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CS:GO odds

CS:GO odds

CS:GO odds BIG vs. HEET The French, I think, will put up stiff fight to a well-organized foe. The German and French CS:GO teams will square off in one of the initial matches of the Finnish event. The Germans will likely enter the clash as the favorites, but they will soon find out whether they can live up to that billing against the courageous French.

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On their finest day, BIG is a formidable opponent for any group. The Germans’ clear and precise play helped them win the major, and they made a bold entrance into the annals of chess history for the CS:GO odds. As a result of their superior organization, the BIG squad has never struggled against teams from tiers 2 through 3.

CS:GO odds

Fatih gob b Dayik, a legend in his own right, just joined the team as head coach. Not only that, but Nils k1to Gruhne is back in the fold for the CS:GO odds. The best hltv in the world, at the top. Positioned now at #14. Best overall map was Mirage, where players had a 50% victory percentage over eight matches.

After eight matches, overpass was voted the worst map with a perfect 0-for-8 record.


HEET is a prototypical example of the tier-2 scene at the CS:GO odds, which hovers just on the cusp of the tier-1 level but never quite makes it there. The French didn’t qualify for the major at RMR, but they improved on their game and got into great shape thereafter. We’ll soon find out whether they can hold their own against BIG, their main competition.

CS:GO odds

Audric “JACKZ” Jug is the most recent addition to the team for CS:GO odds. The best hltv channel in the world has a rating of 18th. The current ranking is #30. Overpass was the most successful map, with a 62 percent victory rate over eight matches. After six matches, the worst winning percentage was on the Inferno map.

Gambling Advice From the Pros

BIG’s German players are notoriously inconsistent at the professional level, but they consistently dominate teams from the lower divisions. That’s because amateur squads lack the discipline to compete with a polished show like that. The French, though, are in better form and should be able to challenge, particularly in BO1.

Map 1 Total Over (26.5) is the opening wager with odds of 1.80 at 1xbet and 1.81 at Betway.

The odds of (-2.5) on Map 1 Rounds H1 at Bet365 are now 1.90.