CS:GO Predict on Havu vs. GamerLegion | Expect a hard fought Battle on CS:GO 2022

OKBET GamerLegion vs Havu face off

CS:GO Predict | HAVU vs. GamerLegion

CS:GO Predict

The CS:GO Predict and local team HAVU will play in one of the first matches in the Finnish competition. The Finns, on the other hand, will go into the game as the underdog. We’ll find out very soon whether they can pull off a spectacular triumph at home.

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GamerLegion revealed a fresh lineup towards the start of the RMR qualifiers CS:GO Predict. With each battle, the lads gained confidence and tactical strength by playing off one another. The GamerLegion squad took a hiatus from professional matches and concentrated on training after a solid but failed effort to reach the Major Legends at the CS:GO Predict. They will arrive in excellent form and with fresh strategies for this event.

CS:GO Predict

The most recent additions to the roster were Kamil siuhy Szkaradek and Nicolas Keoz Dgus. In addition, Frederik acoR Gyldstrand entered the fray with a sniper rifle at the CS:GO Predict.

  • The best hltv rating in the world is #23 in the globe. It is now at No. 23.
  • Inferno is the best map, with a 75% victory rate in four games played.
  • Dust2 is the worst map, having a 0% victory percentage after one game.


HAVU’s lineup has recently substantially altered with the addition of experienced Finnish players who previously played for other European teams. Their game instantly improved in strength and stability, and they can now compete at their level. Nonetheless, HAVU enters the contest as an underdog. The only team in the competition whose players will represent their home area is HAVU. We’ll find out soon enough if their home edge will help them make the playoffs.

CS:GO Predict

Jesse zehN Linjala and Joonas doto Forss were the most recent additions to the roster at the CS:GO Predict.

  • The best hltv rating in the world is #65. It is now ranked 66th.
  • The best map is nuke, which has a 90% victory rate in 10 games played.
  • Worst map: vertigo, which has a 0% victory record after two games.

Expert Betting Advice

GamerLegion and HAVU have both just upgraded their rosters at the CS:GO Predict. Both teams profited from the adjustments since the newcomers are experienced players who have long played at the tier-1 level. And in BO1, both teams will get a comfortable map, which implies we’ll have a difficult battle in the first match.

Map 1 Total Over (26.5) for 1.84 at OKBET is the first bet.

W HAVU for 2.50 at OKBET Esports and 2.55 at OKBET Sportsbook.