CS:GO Preview and Analysis of the IEM RIO 2022 Playoffs for the Despicable fight on Final Round

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CS:GO Preview

The CS:GO Preview Champions Stage of IEM Rio 2022 has an intriguing bracket. The Playoffs draw is flawless in terms of both its long-term structure and the initial excitement of its individual matchups on CS:GO Preview.

CS:GO Preview

The following two days will be jam-packed with action, as there are four elimination series to watch. I think we should go right into it.


According to our calculations, one side will have a significant edge in this matchup. For now, let’s focus on the present tense at the CS:GO Preview. The Outsiders won three in a row, and in the process they took down formidable opponents including MOUZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Spirit. While fnatic struggled, they eventually defeated ENCE and BIG.

CS:GO Preview

For this best-of-three series, it will be simple to foresee which map will be vetoed. The use of Dust 2 and Nuke will be permanently prohibited. Therefore the CS:GO Preview, Outsiders should select Inferno, while fnatic should pick Overpass.

For this forecast to make sense, there are a few things you need know first. This matchup took place in the Challengers Stage, and it was a lopsided victory for the former. There is a lot to be said about the fact that fnatic’s opponents only managed to win one (1) round on Overpass. In conclusion, we predict a decisive victory for Jame and his team on CS:GO Preview.

The Mouz vs. Cloud9

As of right now, Cloud9 is better than ever after winning six games in a row. But MOUZ’s record over their previous four games is split at two wins and two losses. It’s worth noting that Cloud9 prevailed against formidable foes like Natus Vincere and FaZe, whilst MOUZ fell short against strong competition like ENCE, Outsiders, and BIG.

The topic of map veto is unnecessary here. MOUZ can only choose Inferno or Mirage, and we do not believe they have the skill to overcome Cloud9 on any of these maps. Cloud9 has the luxury of choose between Vertigo and Overpass, and either route will give them a significant edge.

Overall, Cloud9 is on fire right now, and it seems that no team can stop them. According to us, sh1ro and his squad will win the match in two maps.


We should expect a tight contest in this one, so it should be a fascinating spectacle to see. To this point at IEM Rio CS:GO Preview, it seemed like Heroic was a strong contender. Despite taking a beating from Cloud9, they continued to play competent Counter-Strike. The victories versus fnatic, the Outsiders, and Liquid were proof of it.

The best-of-one bouts, however, did not reveal any signs of spirit. They lost against FURIA and Outsiders, although those bo1s were closer than they would have liked (16-14, 16-13). The Brazilian team quickly got back on track, beating Sprout and Liquid in consecutive matches.

Predicting a successful map veto is challenging, but we will give it a go. Heroic is permanently banning Dust 2, and Spirit will seek to ban Inferno first. In addition on the CS:GO Preview, Nuke seems like a good choice for Spirit, while Overpass is the obvious choice for Heroic.

With all respect, we have to say that we like Heroic in this matchup. They can hold their own in a match on Nuke, and they’ll get what they want on Overpass. It’s clear that the smart money is behind the Danes.


Finally, we’ll sum up by providing a brief match summary. Natus Vincere is, without a doubt, the best Counter-Strike team in the world at the CS:GO Preview. However, s1mple and co. were in deep danger after a terrible start and two 16-14 losses against Cloud9 and Liquid.

CS:GO Preview

Their playoff berth was secured after two quick wins against Bad News Eagles and BIG. FURIA, on the other hand, won six consecutive matches, although they did not play opponents of this caliber. Given the current situation, Natus Vincere is the best option.

It’s safe to assume that NaVI will triumph again again through internet memes.


We did well with our picks in the Legends Stage, but hope to do better in the Playoffs. As was just said, all four matchups have clear favorites. Our four hypotheses are listed here.

OKBET provided the CS:GO Preview odds for today’s game.

Cloud9 will sweep MOUZ with a 2-0 victory (x2.00)
Natus Vincere will defeat FURIA (x1.50)
Competition of the Heroic Kind (x1.56)
Fnatic vs. Outsiders: Fnatic will lose (x1.50)
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