Evil Geniuses may have made it’s way into the South African Dota 2 scene after a mainstay org went out of business 2022

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Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses | Dota 2

Evil Geniuses may have made its way into the South African Dota 2 scene after a mainstay org went out of business. The North and South American Dota 2 regions are experiencing their busiest roster change season in history. The 2023 DPC preseason began with a bang, with companies uprooting their operations and sponsorship issues. There will also be some familiar faces absent, such as SG Esports.

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Since 2017, SG has been an integral component of the South African Dota scene, and the organization has even represented the area at The International 2021 at the Evil Geniuses. However, SG was unable to keep their TI-attending squad, and the organization’s most recent incarnation was unable to go through the regional qualifiers. As a result, the organization announced Wednesday that it is discontinuing its most current Dota 2 roster.

Evil Geniuses

In addition to announcing their most recent Dota 2 roster, the organization declared the end of all activities at the Evil Geniuses. SG was regarded as the “grandfather” of South African Dota, having scored some of the region’s most significant victories, including as defeating Team Secret at the 2017 Kiev Major.

While the SA Dota scene will be without a famous name in the 2023 DPC season, another one seems to be on its way to take its place on Evil Geniuses. Given that EG is traveling to South Africa to get a new squad, the club will be looking for a Division One slot, which SG can provide.

There are no other available places in the SA DPC’s first division at the time of writing the Evil Geniuses, implying that EG is already in discussions with SG to secure the organization’s seat in the area before announcing its new squad for the forthcoming season.