Online Esports Betting Sites in the Philippines in 2022 | Great and Amazing bonuses from their promotions

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Online Esports Betting Sites in Philippines

There are many alternatives for Online Esports Betting enthusiasts seeking for the finest betting sites, but these four stand out for their fantastic features and superb sportsbooks.

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Competitive video games are flowing into Online Esports Betting sportsbooks at an unprecedented rate. Esports offers a new audience with a desire for cutting-edge technology, well-informed odds, and intriguing props. Many established sportsbooks have joined on board, while other independent websites have built their whole business on esports. With so many options, it might be difficult to locate the Online Esports Betting for you in 2022. Based on their technology, sportsbooks, and features, we suggest the following four sites.

Best Esports Betting Sites in the Philippines

Legal SportsbookBetting BonusAccept Offer
OKBETGet up to P2,000 as our birthday treat for youClaim Now
Loot.betRisk-free bet up to $1,000Claim Now
Betway$1,250 free bet + 1000 Reward Credits & 1000 Tier CreditsClaim Now
Lunchbox‘No Sweat First Bet’ up to $1,000Claim Now

OKBET World Cup Betting Promotions & Bonuses

Newcomers could raise their initial bankroll before placing their first bet on OKBET World Cup Betting Bonuses. If you sign up with OKBET and deposit at least $5, you will get a $50 free bet. Because OKBET will match 20% of your first deposit up to $1,000, it is advantageous to make a somewhat larger first deposit at the Online Esports Betting. Perhaps you are hesitant to make the $5,000 first commitment required to get the full deposit match. A player who invests $100 will get $70 ($50 free bet + $20 deposit match).

OKBET provides a variety of promos and incentives for us! OKBET has the following promotions:

Online Esports Betting
All losing bets on FIFA World Cup games should be refunded
Online Esports Betting
Reimbursing a basketball player for their financial losses
Online Esports Betting
Every time a player makes a deposit, we’ll reward them with a bonus

It’s also simple to get your hands on OKBET Sportsbook’s bonus. All you have to do is sign up with OKBET and deposit at least $5. The $50 free bet and 100% deposit bonus will be paid to your account immediately. is a gaming betting website is another another hybrid betting service that focuses on esports. The platform takes a gamified approach to Online Esports Betting, with new incentives being added on a regular basis for making various sorts of bets. The site goes all-out to promote major events like CSGO majors and LoL Worlds, making it a perfect site for esports fans that like watching the largest competitions.

The most appealing aspect of is its wide live esports betting possibilities. Because of the quick speed of the games, in-game wagers are in high demand in esports, and this site takes pleasure in offering a large selection of live props. The service distinguishes itself further by providing more specialized games such as Wild Rift, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Mobile Legends.

Stake combines esports betting with a big online casino

Many esports enthusiasts are also longtime conventional sports fans, and those who wager on one often bet on the other. Stake has one of the finest sportsbooks of any Online Esports Betting in 2022 for this niche industry, with substantial lines for both conventional sports and video games. While the site’s esports section concentrates on the major titles, it provides substantial alternatives for each one. Stake lines are available for anything from majors to regional ESEA leagues for CSGO aficionados, for example.

In addition to a large selection of match betting possibilities, Stake also has a large digital casino with table games and slots. The casino contains various unique and proprietary games, as well as live game shows in which bettors may participate. Stake is one of the greatest esports betting sites for gamers that wish to have a variety of gambling alternatives.

Betway is a top esports betting website

Anyone who is acquainted with conventional sports betting will be familiar with Betway. The regular sponsor has committed to Online Esports Betting by offering a comprehensive sportsbook that covers all major esports. However, Betway distinguishes itself by providing substantial coverage of less popular games. Bookmakers are paying close attention to Overwatch, Valorant, and Rocket League.

That’s particularly excellent news for esports aficionados, since Betway offers a plethora of props for esports betting. Live betting is available, as are the website’s complete casino and conventional sports offerings. Overall, Betway is a wonderful alternative for experienced gamblers who value variety above all else on Online Esports Betting.

Luckbox blends unique titles with enticing extras

Luckbox is a hybrid betting service that focuses heavily on esports. It takes pride in its technology at the Online Esports Betting, which includes fantastic viewing choices and lightning-fast odds tabulation. In addition to the holy trinity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2, it supports numerous less popular esports titles such as Hearthstone and StarCraft. The sportsbook also has lines for a variety of major sports and a digital casino.

Luckbox also provides a clear deposit bonus for first-time esports gamblers at the Online Esports Betting. All deposits may be doubled up to a maximum of $100. Luckbox is a fantastic site for a rookie esports gambler with some interest in conventional sports betting because to its rapid odds and diverse sportsbooks.