Skyesports News begins off-season sea championship Popular VCT Events 2022

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Skyesports news

Skyesports news

Since the start of Skyesports news Valorant franchising, there hasn’t been much buzz in most VCT territories. APAC is one area that has ensured that competition does not die out.

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South East Asia has been a key location for the game, with a large number of fans participating. Skyesports has officially announced their next competition, which will take place shortly. It will be the first phase of the SEA VCT Offseason, and will be officially hosted by Riot and Skyesports, who previously hosted APAC VCT matches.


Skyesports news contests will be the region’s first big off-season events. Several clubs have been featured, and there has been a lot of excitement among the supporters. This event will include teams like as Bleed Esports, Fancy United, Todak, and South Built Esports. The teams have a lot to earn with a $30,000 prize pool.

Skyesports news

The tournament’s schedule has already been released, with play beginning on November 8th. These games will serve as qualifiers for the next playoffs at the Skyesports news.

Meanwhile, “the big” groups are assembling and finalizing their lineups. The build-up to the pre-season competition in Brazil has been gradual. Sentinels, Fnatic, and Global Esports were among the first teams to complete their lineups. The majority of APAC teams have also confirmed their lineups.

Second-tier clubs from all around the world must find a way to remain afloat and prepare for the next season at the Skyesports news. The off-season events will be conducted until the start of the VCT season in February, and will be an excellent method for both franchisee teams and amateur groups to keep the scene lively.


The competition is scheduled to begin with two groups of five teams each at the Skyesports news. During the group stages, each tournament will meet each other twice. The following are the groups:

Skyesports news
  • Bleed Esports, South Built Esports, Team NKT, Louvre, and Oasis Gaming comprise Group A.
  • B Group: Todak, MiTH, NAOS Esports, Fancy United Esports, Sharper Esports

Two games from each group will be played every day, with matchups being best-of-one at the Skyesports news. With the addition of Habour to the game, a variety of different lineups are possible. It should be noted that the top two teams will advance to the forthcoming playoff competition.

Bleed Esports, Fancy United Esports, and Made in Thailand are a few favorites to keep an eye out for the Skyesports news. Each of the teams is presently rated in the top 15 in Asia Pacific. The bulk of Bleed fans are eager to see the new roaster compete in a formal competition. They now have a win-loss record of 40/16, which places them as the third-best team in the area. The team has been outstanding in past BO3 tournaments, and they are coming off a six-game victory run before to this competition.

The anticipation for the Skyesports SEA Championship has grown since its announcement yesterday. Only time will tell who will come out on top.