Valorant Competitive queue | Why was Harbor removed from the Valorant 2022


Valorant Competitive queue

Valorant Competitive queue

According to Riot Games’ release on November 17, 2022, Harbor, Valorant Competitive queue’s newest Agent, has been temporarily withdrawn from the game’s competitive queue.

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While in the ‘Agent Select’ Valorant Competitive queue for rated games, players will not see him on the available character roster. As usual, the water-based Controller Agent may be played in Custom, Unrated, and Spike Rush modes. Regrettably, authorities have not said when the limitations would be eased because of an irritating problem, Valorant removes Harbor from the competitive queue.

Valorant Competitive queue

Harbor’s Ultimate, Reckoning, has been creating ‘unintentional latency spikes’ in certain circumstances, according to the Riot Games development team at the Valorant Competitive queue. According to internet accounts, when the Agent utilizes his Reckoning, gamers experience significant stutters and network difficulties.

To prevent significantly impacting the player experience, the team decided to withdraw Harbor from the competitive queue and resolve the problem as soon as possible. However, there is no timetable for when the remedy will be implemented. Riot Games is generally quick to fix game-breaking issues, such as the one that is presently impacting Harbor. Harbor should return to Valorant’s Competitive mode within the next several hours or by the end of the day.

Valorant Competitive queue

Harbor’s Ultimate is without a doubt the most powerful ability in his arsenal. It enables him to summon a geyser pool, which results in a series of geyser strikes that concuss players. Valorant Competitive queue reckoning is a powerful site-control tool that also serves as an excellent ‘Initiator’ ability. Enemies on defense are forced to leave their hiding places or risk being concussed.

Reckoning is a very helpful tool on the assault, allowing Harbor to Riot Games released Harbor in Valorant last month with Episode 5 Act 3 at the Valorant Competitive queue. Despite the Indian Agent’s tremendous pre-launch fanfare, gamers soon recognized his limits. Harbor has struggled to get traction in rated games since his debut. Players are still attempting to find out how to use his kit most effectively. As a consequence, his brief disappearance does not seem to have impacted many individuals.

Fans have been clamoring for a revamp of Harbor’s powers since his debut. According to common thinking, his equipment is inadequate for halting a push and managing a site from a distance. As a result of this criticism, the Valorant Competitive queue devs decided to modestly boost Harbor by adding a second charge to one of his basic abilities, Cascade. The Agent’s defense abilities have improved marginally as a result of this enhancement. However, most gamers may not find the adjustment substantial enough.