Best VALORANT agents, tips, and techniques for novice players in 2023

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VALORANT agents is expanding ahead of what should be an eventful 2023 for Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter. The game is quickly becoming a Twitch powerhouse, and VALORANT’s esports environment is gaining traction.

As the game continues to expand, new users will automatically install and play for the first time. If that describes you, you’ve come to the correct place.

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Here’s a collection of some of the greatest VALORANT agents, tips, and techniques for beginner gamers.

The most effective Valorant agents for new players

The large number of possible agents may seem intimidating to novice VALORANT players, particularly those inexperienced with the various classes. As a result, we’ve chosen one agent from each of the four classes for beginners: sentinel, controller, duelist, and initiator.


Sage is the simplest sentinel to learn since you don’t have to care about exactly setting up utility like Killjoy or Cypher, and there aren’t any great expectations for a Chamber player.


Sage is great for slowing down and even blocking large opponent team rushes, preventing you from being overpowered. Healing is a simple and effective technique for supporting the squad and yourself, and her Resurrection ultimate may give a significant edge to a team. This will be the best for VALORANT agents and for the girls player, it’s easy to use her on the game.


Brimstone is an excellent pick for newcomers who wish to take on the controller position, because to its ability to place accurate smokes and simple utility that assists the team in most scenarios.


The most difficult thing for rookie Brimstone assault players to understand will be throwing his Incendiary grenade on the bomb to avoid spike defusals, but both his Stim Beacon and Orbital Strike abilities are quite easy and simple.


While Phoenix is a solid starter option as well, Reyna is the best choice for new duelists.


Any player with Reyna’s ability set may follow this basic rotation for the VALORANT agents: blind with Leer, kill, then Devour or Dismiss depending on the scenario (Devour if taken damage or Dismiss if another enemy is trying to trade). New Reyna players should be aware that they do not have to squander a Devour or Dismiss charge if they do not need to. If no one looks at you after you score a kill and you take no damage, just store it for later.


Most initiators are more difficult than the other courses, although KAY/O is arguably the best bet for novices.


His skills help you to neutralize or temporarily remove opposing powers, giving you and the squad less to worry about while defending or holding locations for VALORANT agents. Knowing which agents are precisely inside the radius of your ZERO/point knife is also a useful tool.

There’s nothing wrong with trying out all of the agencies and finding the one who’s right for you, even if they’re not on this list.

New VALORANT players should be aware of the following tips and tactics

  • Find the best VALORANT crosshair and settings for you.

The ability to copy and distribute crosshair codes is one of the most useful features introduced to VALORANT. Players may copy and paste their favorite pro’s code or even steal one from a player they are watching in-game.

You might look at various optimal crosshairs for ranked play, but most importantly, you should choose one with which you are comfortable and consistent.

  • Before jumping into a full VALORANT match, warm up.

After you’ve set up your crosshair and settings, you’ll want to get warmed up and in the zone before entering into a full game of competitive or unrated play. Spike Rush, Deathmatch, Escalation, and the training range are all good ways to warm up before queueing.

  • Play with others

It should go without saying that playing well as a team is crucial to winning, particularly when you’re just starting out. You should ideally begin by queueing with some known teammates, but even while playing with randoms, you should communicate efficiently.

If you won’t be using a microphone, utilize the ping and text chat at the very least for the VALORANT agents. Make sure everyone on the team understands how to purchase, save, and manage the in-game team economics.