LoL Betting Preview DRX vs. T1 Predictionsm and Analysis for the LoL Worlds Grand Final 2022

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LoL betting preview

LoL betting preview

After over a month of nail-biting thriller action on LoL betting preview, the last and most significant game of the LoL Worlds schedule has arrived. The League of Legends Worlds Grand Final will take place this weekend, with two LCK teams, DRX and T1, competing for the game’s highest accolade at the LoL betting preview. Here’s how the teams have done so far and how they seem to be headed into their most important game of the year.

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T1 powerhouse aiming for a historic fourth championship

T1 has won all eight games versus DRX in the LCK’s spring and summer splits. Of course, Gen.G marched confidently into the semi-finals, buoyed by that same record, and we all know how that ended. DRX are currently on a roll, so that record doesn’t signify anything.

T1 are the LoL Worlds favorites and have looked like an ambitious, revitalized outfit, a far cry from the team that crumbled to Gen.G a few months ago in the LCK final. At Worlds, they had a 12-2 overall record.

LoL betting preview

When comparing their Worlds performance metrics to their LCK data, they’ve increased their team-wide KD ratio from 1.19 to 1.66, the highest in the competition. Their early game strategy has also shifted, with their percentage of gaining first blood plummeting from 47% in the LCK to 30.8% at the Worlds.

Top of the charts

This squad has been in a league of its own this tournament, dominating practically every category. They’ve recorded the most kills per game of any team so far, an astonishing 18.2, and their death rate each game is just 10.8, ranking third in the competition.

T1 has the greatest tower demolition rate (8.8) as well as the lowest concession rate (2.8). They aren’t aggressive starters, as seen by their 30% first blood percentage, but the fact that they still have such a high kill rate says something about their mid- and late-game performance at the LoL betting preview.

Furthermore, they have averaged a creep score of 31.7 per minute and delivered 2562 damage to champions each minute, which is by far the greatest among teams. Their gold collection per minute is presently at 1993, which is the most in the competition, and they have also averaged 308 gold differential each minute.

All eyes are on Faker

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the indisputable League of Legends GOAT at the LoL betting preview, will compete in his fifth Worlds final, the most by any player in history. As of 2022, his time with T1 is the longest any player has ever been with a single team.

LoL betting preview

Since the start of the competition, the famed mid laner has smashed a series of records at the LoL betting preview:

  • He is presently the only player in LoL Worlds 2022 to have completed 100 games.
  • When he slayed Sylas during T1’s group stage game versus Cloud9, he increased his overall kills at Worlds to 353, beating Uzi’s previous record.
  • Faker has a KDA ratio of 3.5 after averaging 3.5 kills, 2.8 deaths, and 6.5 assists per game.
  • His creep score is at 7.6, and he is farming money at a pace of 399 gold each minute.
  • Big things are expected of him in this Grand Final, and a victory for T1, which seems inevitable, would place him at the top of the game’s finest.

Guma is also enjoying a successful tournament

While we’re on the topic of legends at the LoL betting preview, let’s shine a light on T1 bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, whose accomplishments haven’t gotten the credit they deserve in light of the hype surrounding Faker:

  • Guma presently has the greatest total kills per game (6.6), the second lowest death rate (1.2), and the highest gold collection rate (514 units per minute).
  • He’s been a part of 71.6% of his team’s kills and 21.6% of their overall damage against champions.
  • Guma also has the greatest creep score in the competition, a perfect 10, and has done 298 damage against champions per minute.