Loud’s Valorant Roster for 2023 | Ratings & Amazing Power Rankings Placement

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Loud's Valorant Roster

Loud’s Valorant Roster

Loud's Valorant Roster

Loud’s Valorant Roster is the finest Valorant squad in the world right now, having just won the 2022 Valorant Champions tournament. The team’s triumph at VCT Champions left little space for doubt, particularly as LOUD went practically undefeated in the Playoffs round, losing just one game against Optic Gaming in the finals.

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Unfortunately, Sentinels gained two of the five LOUD members, pANcada and Sacy, not even a month after their victory.


According to rumors, Loud’s Valorant Roster did not make Bryan “pANcada” Luna and Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi good enough offers to keep them, leading in their departure to Sentinels. This spelled doom for LOUD, who would enter 2023 with two large gaps to fill. Given the suspected financial limits, it seemed doubtful that the club would sign top-tier players, leaving them with a tiny pool of local talent in Brazil.

Loud's Valorant Roster

LOUD just revealed their starting lineup for 2023, with two new additions: Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira and Arthur “tuyz” Vieira.

Cauanzin finished the 2022 season with Ninjas in Pyjamas, the closest rival to LOUD in the 2022 Brazil Challengers Stage 1 & 2 competitions. Tuyz, on the other hand, struggled with TBK Esports earlier this year, becoming the underdogs of the VCT South America LCQ. They were only one victory away from qualifying for Champions League. Tuyz was important in the team’s rapid progress as the key duelist for TBK Esports.

With the new arrivals, LOUD is giving themselves ample time to boot camp and prepare for Kick-off, but replicating last season’s success will be difficult.


Let’s see where this current team ranks in our overall Power Rankings. Cauanzin has been a very strong player all year, and Tuyz’s versatility will enable the club to adapt in order to retain their present position as one of Valorant’s finest teams. Given the absence of foreign expertise of the two new members, Loud’s Valorant Roster may continue to dominate locally but suffer when international competitions arrive.

When compared to the Sentinels’ 2023 VCT roster, Loud’s Valorant Roster seems to be weaker. A season-long rivalry might emerge, particularly when former teammates reunite.

With Riot only selecting a small number of teams to participate in the new franchise model, we may see less domestic practice overall and a more difficult time for teams to adjust and create a distinct style at the Loud’s Valorant Roster. We must wait and watch how these adjustments affect teams with unique playstyles and meta approaches.