VCT Game Changers Championship Match Despicable Preview | G2 Gozen vs. Team Liquid Brazil 2022

OKBET G2 Gozen

VCT Game Changers

OKBET VCT Game Changers

The VCT Game Changers Championship, which concludes this year’s Valorant Champions Tour, has been an interesting competition to witness so far. Eight of the world’s top teams are competing for a piece of the huge 500,000$ prize pool and, most significantly, the title of inaugural women’s worldwide Valorant Champion.

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While other teams battle through the Lower Brackets for a second opportunity at the VCT Game Changers, G2 Gozen and Team Liquid Brazil are preparing to contend for the first slot in the Grand Final at the VCT Game Changers. The Upper Bracket Final between these two teams will be a best-of-three match to decide who will compete for the title.


G2 Gozen have demonstrated tremendous strength and poise throughout the campaign. G2 showed no remorse for their opponent in the first match against X10 Sapphire during the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, and moved into the Semifinals with two straight victories on Icebox and Breeze.

The Upper Bracket Semifinals vs Cloud9 White were a blast. G2 Gozen lost the game on the first map with a 6 round differential following a poor performance on the level Ascent. They quickly turned the tables and put Cloud9 White in their place with a 7-round margin. They went full agro on Cloud9 White in the last and deciding match, winning the map 13-3.

Mimi was named MVP against both teams they played, demonstrating significant potential.


Team Liquid Brazil has also shown excellent teamwork and has escaped from seemingly impossible circumstances at the VCT Game Changers. They started out well in their first match against FENNEL Female on Ascent, but fell in the second match on Icebox, as FENNEL Female controlled the map. The defeat did not deter Team Liquid, who went on to win the decider match on Breeze and advance to the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

OKBET VCT Game Changers

In the Semifinals the VCT Game Changers, they faced Shopify Rebellion GC and accomplished the unthinkable. They had lost the first map (Fracture), and things were not looking good on the second. Shopify Rebellion lead with a 12-10 score in the second match on Bind, but Team Liquid broke the opponent’s morale with four straight victories. Following the tense first two matches, Team Liquid proceeded to crush the opponent on Icebox, securing their well-deserved position in the Upper Bracket Finals.


The Upper Bracket finals will undoubtedly be a tight contest between the two powerful squads. During this event, both VCT Game Changers G2 Gozen and Team Liquid Brazil have shown their true abilities. The winner of the Upper Bracket Finals advances to the Grand Finals. But everything is not lost for the opposing side. Whoever loses advances to the Lower Bracket Finals.

If I were a Valorant betting guy (an understatement), I’d bet on G2 Gozen to win in two maps. The score on both may be close, but G2 took this one.